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BMW X3 is an amazing compact luxury crossover SUV by the German automaker BMW since 2003. We had the opportunity to collaborate for the shooting of the BMW 3 Series platform.

BMW markets the crossover as a Sports Activity Vehicle.

Precision Driver BMW X3 M40i

BMW 3 achieve in 2008, June 18th the half million production on the Graz factory.

Allianz Pictures Making Of

Behind the scenes of a great movie advertising there is always a huge team to produce it.

From Photographers, Producers, Sound and Image editors, drivers, people from catering, sometimes we are 200 people shooting during 4 or 5 days to produce a minute of excellence on advertising. Some pictures of Behind the scenes.

BWM M3, Allianz, Precision Driver

Mercedes, Allianz, Precision Driver

Precision Driver, Cameras, Allianz

Allianz, TV Advertising, Insurance

Precision Driver, Paulo Batista, Allianz

See the final advertising movie after production.